Gilbert Athletic Hall of Fame




GABC Hall of Fame Inductees

2018 Ashley Burnett

2017 Dottie Covington Talbert

2016 Mitzi Covington and John Muller Jr

2015 Bill Allman and Carlee McCartha Myers

2014 Reuben Eargle and Maryann Warren Rosson

2013 Jerrin Watson, Brad Johnson and Erin H Thomas

2012  Kristen Price

2011 Will Coker, Eddie Taylor and Janet Cone

2010 Bryan Triplett and Brooke Jones Hicks

2009 Coach Marty Woolbright

2008 Mandy Quarterman, Jamie Williams Gimmell and Zeddie Crouch

2007 Jodie Crouch, “Tommy” Thomas E. Davis and Edwin Taylor

2005 Curtis Bell and Todd McCullough

2003 Steve Miller

2001 James “Jamie” Kelly and Jeff Keisler

2000 Lee Ricard and Stacy Ricard

1999 Bo Barton, Dr. Butch Bledsoe, Jan Rikard Flynn,Tim Hallman, Dudley Lybrand, Charles Price, Jeff Price, Nelson Schofield, Becky Lybrand Wetzel and Bobby Whitehead